Miami Fl Roof Cleaning

All You Need To Know About Roof Cleaning Miami

Roof cleaning is a common practice for millions of people across the globe. However, the average person may not be aware of how to complete roof cleaning, and several questions will arise. You may wonder about the best roof cleaning method. If the roof should be cleaned by professionals. In fact, why should you clean your roof in the first place? This article will discuss the different questions and provide the necessary answers regarding roof cleaning.

Why Should I Clean My Roof?

There are various reasons why a person may choose to clean their roof. The first and most common reason is to restore the appearance of the roof and the overall aesthetic appeal of the property. Regardless of whether the roof has black streaks caused by bacteria, mold, or roof moss, the streaking can make a home look neglected. A neglected appearance is likely to decrease the value of the home and reduce the selling price.

A consideration of property value and the selling price is important, particularly if you are looking at putting your home on the market. When selling your property, it is highly recommended that you maximize the value of the house and eliminate the perception to potential buyers that the roof will need to be replaced should they purchase the property. This could be the difference between selling the home for a reasonable price or having to use property investors.

Arguably the most significant reason why an individual should clean the roof shingles is the prevention of further damage to the area. Did you know that approximately one of every three roofs is replaced because the homeowner neglected to clean the shingles? If you wish to avoid the cost of roof replacement, it is recommended that you clean the roof shingles from any bacteria or roof algae.

What Methods Can Be Used To Clean My Roof?

As can be expected, there are several methods whereby a roof can be cleaned. The method used is often associated with the type of roof cleaning product used and deciding which product you will use depends on which you are most comfortable with. Below is an explanation of the different techniques available.

The first roof cleaning option is the no pressure method. This technique typically requires the use of chlorine bleach and is a dangerous method to perform. Chlorine bleach is a harsh chemical that is able to stain or dry out the roof shingles and can create health hazards for the user. It can be useful in cleaning, but it is not necessarily worthwhile.

The second roof cleaning option is the safer alternative known as the biodegradable technique. This method requires the use of biodegradable roof cleaning products that are hydrogen peroxide-based. As a pressure cleaner, you are required to spray the product onto the roof using a pressure washer on a low-pressure setting. The chemical can be left on the roof to be removed by the rain naturally over a period of approximately 90 days.